I can see you solo, solo, soloooo. Oooahhooo.

Anyanhasao Everyone! So, fridays are my pdays. Just fyi. The first few days have been really great!
So, the reason for the subject line….Guess what? I am a solo sister! And yes, you are probably thinking “what does that mean?” I don’t have a companion in my district. I am the only sister in a group of 6 other Elders. My companion is Sister Hoffman but she has been here for the past 3 weeks and she is in another district. The Elders in my district are the greatest! They are so kind and so sweet. They watch over me and take care of me. I love them! they are so cute and very spiritual young men. of course they are creedy’s age and so they seem like my little brothers. I either have to be with two or more of them, or with Sister Hoffman. Usually I spend more time with the Elders.

Sister Hoffman is sooo wonderful! She and I get a long very well and she has been very good to me. She is from Colorado and has flaming red hair. It is so beautiful. I live with two other sisters, Sister Bagley and Sister glauser. Kat knows sister glauser’s sister in their ward! Isn’t that a fun coincidence?

Since I am a solo sister, it is a little interesting. Sometimes we have to make exchanges or meet up with my companions to make sure that I am not alone. It’s kind of confusing to explain. I am with the elders most of the time and then with hoffman chomanim (sister) the rest of the time i am not with them. So, in korean we always have to say the name first and then sister/elder. that is why is is hoffman chomanim. i love it! korean is so exciting. it is hard but i am excited to learn more. the sisters speak so much korean and they have only been here for 3 weeks! that is going to be me!!!

wow. it really is amazing how much we learn. nim is also an honor form, so you add it when you are addressing people because you honor them all the time. but when you talk about yourself you never say nim. that is why my name will be orme chamay when i say it, but when others say it it will be orme chamanim. So, we have gone to a lot of meetings. They are really great but also really long so it is a little exhausting. We are starting to learn the Korean language. Wooh. It is hard but not as hard as i thought. At least that is what I think right now. Yesterday, I felt a little bit in despair because i was getting a little frustrated, but then I remembered that I am here for a reason and that I know I will learn this language but I shouldn’t expect to know everything now.

tonight we are supposed to teach an investigator in korean!!! aahhh! pray for me! i thought i was going to have to teach by myself because that is what i was told several times because I am a solo sister but then my teacher said that I could teach with two of the elders from my district. Elder Watson and elder butterfield. Watson is from Melbourne, Australia and Butterfield is from spring city, utah. they are probably my favorites. i shouldn’t but i do. they are the best and they watch out for me all the time. the other elders are amazing as well but these elders watch out for me more so. also i do spend more time with them anyway. i am going to switch so i can get to know all of them.

we met our branch presidency last night. it was awesome! One of the counselors is Brother and Sister Pierrton and they know the morrisons really well. Our Branch President is brother Yost. He was really kind and talked to the elders about me and their role in taking care of me. he said that it is hard to be a solo sister and so they should make me as comfortable as possible and also watch out for me and take care of me. i let him know they have been doing a wonderful job. he also wants them to answer to any special requests that i have. they all agreed and are very willing to do so.

Well, so far my experience in the MTC has been wonderful and such a blast! It has been fun to learn and also to become closer with my elders and sisters. I will write you next friday! I will have more to say then. Hey did you know that you can write me everyday and i would get the letter?? If you go to dearelder.com i can get that letter the same day, as long as you write before noon then it will get to me on the same day. so if you feel like writing, that would be great! haha. i want to hear how everyone is doing.

Ok, well I got to go!! Love you all!!!
Love, orme chamay

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