Week 3 in Korea

Hello Family and Friends!

So, this week it rained alot so we were not able to do the Book of Mormon activity that we wanted to do. No one was outside. We are going to do it this week though so we will keep you up to date. ^^ Another group did and they were able to give tons of copies as well! Soo amazing!

This week we have been working on a lot of less active work. THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY! We organized and clean the records and got to know more about them. Which is fantastic! We have started calling them and instead of asking them to come to church we ask how they are doing and if there is anthing we can do for them. The feedback has been super positive! We only had one person tell us to not call them back but that is ok. We are really getting everything ready to visit and take care of the less actives. We are so excited!

1 and 2 Our bathroom/shower they are one and the same.
DSCF1401 DSCF1402

3 Our kitchen and Sister Benbrook
Sister Benbrook and I were looking through our family history. It is soo amazing! We have a lot of work done. Someone has put in info for as early as the year 35!!!! Isn’t that crazy?? Please go to familysearch.org it is sooo amazing!

4 our beds we call them a “yo”

5 our desks

6 our extra room

So, we have a new recent convert and her name is Natalia. She is Russian!!! Which is super cool! She and I talk a lot together about Russia. She speaks English, Korean, Italian, and German. She is amazing! She is super knowledgable and super excited to learn more. She is married and has one son.

7 mmmm fish!

8 me next to the fish

9 a part of busan!

Our investigator 오지윤 (Ohjeeyoon) will be baptized April 6th! We moved her baptism date because we felt strongly to make it later.

Our branch is so wonderful and they work sooo hard. It is so much fun getting to know them.

10 this is what personal and companionship study looks like after it all. haha

11 look who i found in a liahona! (Floyd & Karen Brown from our ward!) haha

12 view of the city

Today we had a zone pday. It was really fun! We ate together and shopped a little. Then we played basketball, kicked a little ball around, had a ping pong tournament and played monopoly deal (The orme bros favorite! haha)

The weather is soooo beautiful now and it is warm. Today we are not wearing our coats at all!! I love it!

So, Derek wanted me to explain the sticker thing. I don’t know why but Koreans LOVE stickers and putting stickers on things. So, this board is what will first attract them. It is going to be amazing when we do it!!!

I love you all! The gospel is true!!!!!! I will write more next week.

Love, Sister Orme

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