Week 17…I think at least

Time flies sooo fast! This thursday we have transfer calls! We will see if I stay or if I go. I heard that the President Gilbert doesn’t want to change anything so then the new president and have a chance next transfer to change people around. So hopefully i stay! the Gilberts leave next week and next transfer we will have a new mission president. Crazy times! i am going to miss the gilberts but I am excited for the new people.
On the left is our Landlord’s daughter Kimoohhee and her Friend KangArem. Super cute girls! love them to death! We are on the top of our Billa (Apt building…a billa is a mini version of a big apt).
This week was super busy for us. We have soooo many people to teach now! it is great and we keep getting more! It is seriously a miracle. We are filling up too fast and we can’t take anymore! who would of thought!
This week while I was on enchanges another sister and I met a prophet! He was riding a motorcycle and almost ran us over because we couldn’t decide which way to go. I feel pretty special because he told us that he was a prophet and said that we should go somewhere else to teach. Yep, never leaving then! Super funny though, we died laughing talking about the experience.
I cut my hair and the lady did a great job!!!!!
Today we went to a meat buffet. DAD WOULD LOVE THESE PLACES!!!! ^^ we are totally going when we come back.
sorry this week will be short but i’ve sent pictures instead.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! KEEP GOING!!!!!!! You are all the best. Remember Christ in your life! He is your best example and is always there for you! I love you and pray for you all constantly! You are all the best!
Sister Orme

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