Week 29- Banana Bread and Chuseok

Hello Dearest Friends and Family!
Sorry, I didn’t email yesterday! We had a huge pday with the mission because it was Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving yesterday! It was a blast! We ran a 5k and played all kinds of sports, ate food and had fun together! It was the most thing ever! Super exhausting though! It was dreadfully hot but sooooooo fun!
So this last week usually is really hard to get appointments because of the holiday but we found out the secret! Banana bread. We are not above bribery if we are able to meet with our investigators. We told them that we had a treat for them and just wanted to give it to them. Score! We had a good amount of lessons this week considering the holiday coming up. It was the best! We were even able to meet with an investigator twice! So awesome. I love bribery. Well, at least if it involves banana bread. There is no such thing as banana bread here, so people LOVE IT!
Last pday. we like to share the gospel!
We got so much free food this week! It is the best! Even from people we have never met before! I love Koreans. They are so kind and giving. This one lady was selling stuff and just gave us a ton of her goods for free! We got free kim (dried seaweed, yum!), fruit, rice cakes, and all kinds of other stuff. We are good for years! ^^
Sorry I don’t have a lot of time because we have a second pday today but it is really short and it is for emailing and food shopping.
Tonight we have a food appointment with members for Chuseok. Yesterday was the real day but the holiday is a total of 3 days. I am excited and I know there is going to be some delicious food. Oh, i love korean food soooooooo much!
We had no seats on the way to and from Busan for pday yesterday.
This last week we had district meeting. Our topic was bearing testimony frequently from the pmg. I was assigned a 10-12 minute talk and then we had other talks and activities about bearing testimony. (by the way these meetings are all in korean!) the spirit was so powerful, not because of me but because of the whole meeting. I talked about bearing simple testimony. We have a sister who is being trained right now, 2 elders who are still learning korean and me and then some older missionaries who know the language more. I bore my testimony that regardless of where you are in the stage of your mission you still can bear your testimony with power. Sometimes the most simplest of testimonies are the most powerful ones. I loved it because it all gave us hope that no matter where we are in our lives as long as we bear testimony frequently and simply we can touch other people’s lives. First building your testimony comes from your desires, then you start learning about the gospel, then you are start understanding those principles and then you share it. As you do those steps your testimony is able to grow. When I first began my mission, I didn’t know a lot of Korean. But now I know more but I have seen throughout my mission that when I bear the most simplest of testimonies they have been the most powerful. I know that as you are start bearing your testimonies frequently, the truths of the gospel will become more and more instilled in your heart. So, go and share! Share with everyone! I know you can do it! you will recieve blessings from it.
love Sister Orme

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