Week 37- Miracles!

Hello Dearest Family and Friends!
This week we had amazing miracles. 1. A Less active family we have been working on all came to church yesterday! The daughter and wife usually come but the father finally came! He promised the elders that they want to come for good. 2. The daughter promised us that she would read the book of mormon everyday. 3. Our investigator we had a hard time getting a hold of finally called and texted us back! She came to the halloween party and loved it. We will be meeting again with her this week. She is awesome! She was super busy.
The Halloween party was a blast!! It was so good. We had more investigators come than members. What a miracle! We had a haunted house part that was amazing! we got everyone so good. It was a psycho hospital theme. The 1st room was the secretaries office and two people were in there. One elder was crouched on the ground and would scream at people and my companion pretended to be dead on a desk and then she would pound the desk with her fist and stair at the people walking by. 2nd room was another elder who pretended to have a straight jacket and he had a beanie over his head and he acted crazy. 3rd room was the surgery room and two elders were in there. one elder was the doctor and the other was a patient. it was super good. Then we had a zombie elder show people into my room. I was in the 4th room and there was just me and a tv with a blue screen with a scary tv noise. I would creepily laugh to myself and stare at the tv and then stare at people. I had some of my hair covering my face. It was soooo good. People thought i was the scariest. Even the elders thought so. The light from the tv makes it creepy and eerie. It was sooo good. We had a pumpkin carving contest before that and then we all enjoyed snacks and candy. It was super fun and everyone loved it. The members loved it so much they want it done next year too. So they kept all of the decorations we made. we spent so much time and a lot of prep to make it really good. at the end we shared a spiritual message. it was a great turn out and we are grateful for all the work and planning that went into it. we made our branch proud!
The front of our haunted house.
Last week we had transfer calls and of course we didn’t leave so we are good for another six weeks.
Today was transfer meeting and something that one of the senior couples had said I really liked and i wanted to share. She shared a story of a woman who was in pain all day long because of something in her back. She had a long surgery to get rid of it but then it just became worse. she had surgery again. The pain was stopped a little but it was still a lot . She said the only time that she ever felt peace from the pain was when she went to the temple. One time though after her 2nd surgery the pain was too much. She was at the temple and prayed to Heavenly Father not for relief from the pain but for gratitude. Immediately after she prayed the pain went completely away. Just a little is still there but she can function normally and do her normal things. What touched me is that she prayed for gratitude rather than relief. What an amazing example of being grateful in any circumstances. I am grateful for the talk. We have all been called to this earth and we all have things to overcome. May we all be grateful for everything!
Love you tons!!!
Love, Sister Orme

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