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Week 48- Investigators and Birthdays

Hello Dearest and Most Wonderful Family and Friends in the Whole World-
I can’t believe that I am turning 23 on the 2nd! Goodness, I feel super old especially since everyone is sooooo young! Anywho, It is alright, it will be fun!
So, our investigator will be baptized on the 5th of this April. We felt like this was a better day and we are able to teach all of the lessons and then some. She is absolutely amazing and you can see the light of Christ just radiating from her. We were reading her record and at the beginning of when the Sisters were teaching her she laughed at people who believed in God and thought it was ridiculous that people believe in God. She said that God is like a crutch for people and that they use him when they need help. Wow, we were shocked to read that again. It is amazing to see the change develop in her. She truly loves and understands that there is a God. She is always so happy and you can see it. She loves reading, praying, and going to church. She loves all of the commandments and wants to follow them. She has truly changed and truly converted. I am so grateful for this opportunity to able to become her friend and be able to share in that light with her. She is sooooo amazing. Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much! Next week we will have a baptism and I will show you all of the pictures!!!!!!
The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!
So, I was reflecting on my day of birth. Well, I don’t remember it but I am grateful for the years I have lived. I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me. He is the best and knows how we need to grow and what we need to be able to live with him again. I am so grateful to serve a mission and serve the Lord. I feel the joy of sharing the gospel and never want to take for granted this time that I am able to spend serving the Lord. It is not a day wasted in the service of the Lord if we work hard and work diligently. I love this Gospel! It is true and I know it with all of my heart!
You are all the best! Love you tons!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Orme

Week 47- Callings and Cat Cafes

Hello Dearest Family and Friends!
Wow, what another week in literal paradise! The sun is out and shining. It is a beautiful day on the Island of Jeju! I still can’t believe I am here. I am grateful to be and serve for the Lord. Right now as we are typing a whole class of koreans are learning japanese! They are super loud and repeating everything 10 times or more. It’s fun! Maybe I will learn some Japanese! Woohoo!
One super amazing thing that I want to share is that our soon-to-be-baptized investigator got permission from her parents to get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! We are SOOOO HAPPY! She wants to get baptized on the 29th. Somethings did happen though, like her phone broke this last weekend so we couldn’t meet saturday or sunday because things came up (satan…..). Anywho, we are meeting with her today. In order to get her baptized next week we have to meet every single day and also saturday. So we will see what she wants. We don’t want to rush things and we also want her to feel comfortable about everything. If she doesn’t get baptized this coming sunday she will get baptized for sure on the next sunday. She is so excited and happy to get baptized. She has received an answer over and over again that this is what she is supposed to do. She called us last night from her friend’s phone and told us without us asking that she is reading the book of mormon and praying and she loves it! She is truly the best and has so much strength within her. She is the best! She wants to get baptized so bad and follow the Savior. I am so happy and proud of her. I know that it is all through the Lord that all of this is happening. We are seeing so many miracles! We have so many great investigators! They are wonderful and truly want to know and gain testimonies. To be honest we were super worried because she all of a sudden started not answering any of our calls and texts. But the worry is gone, she couldn’t respond because her phone broke and she tried everything she could to get a hold of us. Which meant a lot to us, because she didn’t mean to almost drop of the edge of the earth, she just had a broken phone. To say the least we are very relieved and grateful. She is amazing! I cannot wait for the fam to meet her. I love her dearly!
 The girl with the glasses is an awesome member and the girl in the tie is Lee Hei Jin, our incredible investigator! We are eating deliciousness in a bowl! Two delicious things. We couldn’t decide. ^^
A fun/funny thing that we did this week is we went to a CAT CAFE! With one of our new investigators. It was great. I almost died but I didn’t have the courage to tell our investigator that I was allergic to cats and that I wasn’t a super big fan of cats. But she wanted to go sooooooooo bad! So, we decided that since she was so happy and excited about it we should go and I would just silently suffer. That is exactly what I did. Oh missionary work/making good relationships with our investigators is the best! Sometimes the best friendships come with sacrifice. ^^ I will be sending pictures. There was this adorable little kitten that absolutely loved me and then there was this hilarious cat. This cat has the look of “I want to kill you right now, and I am planning on how to do it” look. It was hilarious! We took a lot of pictures.
The cute kitten!
The “I want to kill you” cat. ^^
So, during personal study at the beginning we always share a morning thought. There is one that I wanted to highlight on. This was Sister Stewart’s but I wanted to add some of my thoughts too. She was thinking about our calling as a missionary and how it is such a privilege to be wearing a name tag. I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately and she just rounded out some of my thoughts and feelings about the special and sacred calling of being a missionary. I cannot describe to you the feelings and the thoughts that I have about being a missionary. All I can say is that it is one the greatest and most amazing experiences I have ever experienced. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I don’t know if I told this story but one time we had to go to the hospital for one of my companions. (Don’t worry, going to the hospital in Korea is not a big deal at all, and it wasn’t scary. she just needed something checked out…anywho). So, this is preparation day but still it was terrible. I had accidentally left my name tag at home and realized this as we walked to the hospital. I had the weirdest feeling in the whole wide world. I felt spiritually and sort of physically naked, if that makes sense. I felt like no one knew who was I was and who I was representing because I didn’t have my name tag. I even felt a little bit of anxiety because I knew people would just think I was just like all of the other foreigners, but I wasn’t. I realized that no one else was thinking this but me. I was the one freaking out about people not knowing who I was. I want everyone and anyone to know that I represent Jesus Christ. So, when my name tag comes off in a few months it will be terrible and a part of me will be missing. I am not thinking about that. Anyway, we were talking about how powerful a thing it is to be a missionary and to represent the Lord and his gospel. I know that I, and all the other missionaries out in the world, have been endowed with power beyond what we can imagine. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord at this time. It is the best. I am amazed by how fast everything is going. You start realizing that life or time is too short to be thinking about yourself or wasting your time with useless and meaningless things. We need to learn to use our time effectively because sooner or later time will catch up to you. I am so grateful to be learning how to better my time and fill it with worthy things. Being a missionary and wearing a name tag makes me proud to represent Our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I can’t image life without serving the Lord. I have grown and learned so much as a missionary.
Also, to those who have never worn a name tag or are not wearing one right now I am talking to you. ^^ You can still feel the Lord’s power as you stand up and represent him. You can still influence people for good and help them learn about the Savior. The way you do that is by fulfilling your callings as a member missionary, your church calling, being a parent, a friend, an aunt, uncle, cousin, wife, husband, etc. Fulfill your callings to the best of your abilities. You will see the results and the blessings. They will be beyond what you could ever imagine. It is a blessing and a privilege to be a member of this church. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and neither should you. It is a sacred calling that we hold to be a member of Christ’s Church. Don’t ever forget that calling. Strengthen your testimony, strengthen others, serve someone, fulfill your calling. Callings give us purpose and give us a way to come back and live with our Heavenly Father again. The Plan of God is perfect and He knows what He is doing. He is at the helm and we are to hold on with all our might. Our anchor is Christ. We can always trust these two because they are our Father and Savior, brother and friend. I have been called to represent the Lord and so have you. Fulfill that calling to the best of your abilities.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love the Lord, our Savior, my family, friends, and the people around me. Bless someone’s life today! With your talents, testimony, and time. Time is the most valuable resource we have been given. What do we use our time for? Is it uplifting and good? Then keep it up! Use your time well.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You are all such great examples to me and I am so grateful to feel the love and support you give me. Thank you so much for all the things that you do for me and also to those around you.
Love, Sister Orme

Week 46- True Happiness

Hello Dear wonderful Family and Friends!
Hello from the Island of Jeju. Wow, I still can’t believe I am here! It is so amazing. One fun fact that I just found out about. Most of my family members and some friends will think this is fun, for the rest of you, maybe it will be fun. ^^ But my new companion, Sister Stewart, her older brother served with Jeremy Dance! (my cousin for those who don’t know) Super fun connection and they are both doing BYU Men’s Choir as well together. Fun tidbit that I learned just a few minutes ago.
Also, a lot of people commented on what I said about me being a Jeju missionary. I forgot to tell you all but the AP when he called told me why I was getting shipped of to Jeju because Jeju needs my light, happiness, positivity and brightness. I guess that might mean what a Jeju missionary is. I feel like a lot of the missionaries here are exactly what Jeju needs. I am grateful to know some of the reasons why I am here.
Sister Stewart and I!
So pretty! It is a horse lighthouse!
I wanted to share a huge miracle of  this week. Her name is Lee Hei Jin ( I don’t know how to romanize it, but it’s a try). She is one of our investigators and she is only 18 years old. She is super amazing! This last week we met with her about 3 times. She has so much light and is a wonderful person! This week we asked what her thoughts were about baptism. She said she knew it would be a great thing but she was nervous and had concerns about it. She was super honest with us and told us what she thought. She asked her if she would pray about and ask Heavenly Father if it was the right thing to do. She said she would. We felt the spirit so strong and she was so happy. She said she always feels good when she prays and reads the Book of Mormon, and when she comes to church. The next time we saw her she told us that she had prayed and wants to get baptized soooooooo bad! She said she prayed the night before and was just crying because she knew it was right and felt sooo happy. She said it was so weird because she was so happy but crying. I told her that is okay and that I do the same thing. She had a few more questions and we were able to smooth that over. She was worried about her family. I mentioned to her about some of the experiences of one of my companions and an elder I served with. The Elder’s family don’t really support him but they still love him. He is doing wonderful, got baptized at her age and is doing super well! She loved the stories I told and felt a lot better about it. We told her that everything will work out alright and that since this is the right decision everything will work out. She was so happy and said she was coming to church the next day. So, we see her at church and she was so happy. You can just see her happiness beaming out of her whole body. She loves coming to church and everything about the gospel. She knows it is right and she feels it. She is going to ask for permission from her parents if she can be baptized. She wants to get baptized on the 29th of this month! We are so happy for her and we were able to both share our testimonies with her about the gospel and Book of Mormon. It was so powerful and the feeling in the room was tangible. It was filled with happiness, love and peace.
The Elders and Us. love the ocean!
I love being a missionary and I know this is where true happiness lies. It is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have even noticed the change in our investigator only over the past few days and it is astounding. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve with Sister Stewart and see this miracle. Sister Stewart is amazing!!!!! She is such a good missionary and works soooo hard! I am so privileged to be with her. We have become fast friends and laugh so much with each other. We work hard but still have fun while doing it. I love talking to people on the street. It is so fun sharing the gospel and showing who we truly are, which is Jesus Christ’s disciples. Yesterday, I was talking to this lady on the bus and she just decided to give me a whole big bag of little oranges! She was so fun and so kind. We talked about the restoration and I gave a pamphlet. We didn’t have time to get a number but at least I spoke with her. I love sharing the gospel with others. It makes me feel like I am being a true disciple of Christ when I open my mouth and share the gospel. We are seeing so many miracles here in Jeju. I am being incredibly blessed. I love the Lord and I love serving him. I love being a missionary. There is no greater calling. I know that.
I love the gospel. I know it is true. The best way to keep ourselves firm in faith is being firm in Christ. Pray, read, ponder, listen to the spirit, go to church, follow the commandments. Do ALL that you can do to build up your faith in Christ. I know this gospel is true with all of my heart. It is the best thing in the whole world.
I love the Lord, and I LOVE YOU ALL!
I am so grateful for you and for all the support, love, and prayers.
Love, Sister Orme
P.s Today we went to the beach and it was so beautiful!

Week 45- Transfers and Jesus Christ

Hello Dearest Family and Friends-
You would not guess where I have been transferred! It is called the Hawaii of Korea. Yep, I have been sent to JEJU Island! So fun! I am follow up training Sister Stewart! She is so great. She is from Spokane, Washington! So fun. We have talked about Washington and our love for that state. Jeju was my trainer’s, Ashley Benbrook, first area! So, it is fun to have it be my last area. I am so excited and grateful and I know this is where I am supposed to be. Everyone kept telling me that I was going to serve on Jeju and that I was a Jeju missionary. I still am not sure what the means but I have become a JEJU missionary. I am excited to see what this new transfer will unfold. Jeju will be my last area! So, that is really fun! I have only ever heard of good things about Jeju. So, I am happy.
On the plane to Jeju! It only takes 30 minutes!
Sorry, we don’t have much time but I wanted to share the article from this months Liahona/Ensign. It is called “Encircled in His Gentle Arms” By President Uchtdorf. Read it! So good! We have been really focusing a lot on Christ, well we always talk about Christ but we are expounding even more so, and so this message is perfect. Christ can heal us and help us through anything. He is the one that has suffered all and knows all! I like this part: “Though none of us will ever have to experience the depth of what our Lord suffered, we each will have our own dark and bitter hours-times when our sorrow and grief may appear to be greater that we can bear. There will be times when the weight and remorse of our sins will press mercilessly upon us. Even so, if we will lift our hearts to the Lord during those times, surely He will know and understand. He who suffered so selflessly for us in the garden and on the cross will not leave us comfortless now. He will strengthen, encourage, and bless us. He will encircle us in His gentle arms. He will be more than an angel. He will bring us blessed comfort, healing and forgiveness. For he is our Redeemer. Our deliverer. Our merciful Savior and blessed God”. I want you all to think about what the Lord, our Savior, has done for you. He has done it all. Please embrace him in your life and you will be embraced back and feel the love, mercy, and warmth that radiates from him.
He knows how we feel and what we go through. I am so grateful for him and love him. I LOVE HIM and he Loves each of us.
Love You all!
Love, Sister Orme (From Jeju!)

Week 44 – Consecration

Hello Most wonderful and greatest Family members and Friends!

What a week! I am loving every minute of missionary work! I cannot believe that I am being so blessed. I am grateful everyday for the blessings he has been giving me. I cannot count the blessings!
One great miracle is that my ankle has miraculous healed and recovered! I have no clue how but I know because it is all of you! So, I don’t have a sprained ankle anymore but of course I am not going to go crazy with it. My knee is healing as well. So ALL is well and happy over here. ^^
We have seen so many other miracles, some of which I can’t talk about and others that I can. We have been seeing more and more people be curious about who we are and what our message is. We have been able to testify to many people about our church. One woman we met was in the middle of searching for a religion and had many questions. Her story made me think of Joseph Smith and we gave her a Restoration Pamphlet. Unfortunately even though we have been seeing so many miracles these people are not giving us their numbers, but I know that we are planting seeds in their hearts and Heavenly Father is seeing our efforts. It is the effort that matters the most. I know the gospel is soooooo true!
This week is transfer call week. On Thursday night we will know what will happen for the next transfer. I realized today that I only have 13 more weeks left in the mission! I have no clue how! Time keeps slipping under my fingers, but that is not making me work any less.
This week we had stake conference. It was amazing! We had Elder Whiting from the 70 come and speak to us. He was soooo powerful! He talked about how to receive revelation and also about tithing. Ohhh. It was sooooo good! I left my notes at home sadly but He talked about the blessings of tithing. He said that he doesn’t care what situation we are in, or what circumstances may arise, we HAVE to pay tithing. It is a law of God and as we pay we are blessed way beyond what we can imagine. It was very good. The power of tithing is real and I have seen it in my own life as well. ALWAYS PAY TITHING NO MATTER WHAT! He also talked about receiving revelation and how we can do it. The first thing is we have to be reverent and worthy to receive it. Worthiness depends on our preparedness. Do we sit, pray and wait for God to answer us? Or are we creating our space to be a quiet spiritual place, reading our scriptures, praying, pondering, etc? What are we doing that doesn’t prepare us spiritually to receive it? How can we prepare ourselves that we can listen to the quiet whisperings of the Spirit? You cannot receive revelation clearly if you are distracted and don’t have the spirit with you. He said sometimes people receive it unworthily, like Alma the Younger but he was someone that needed to be changed and the only way for him to change was for an Angel to appear. He was the exception. When we go to meetings are we sitting reverently or are we running around, talking to people, playing on our phone, sleeping, etc? If you are doing the lesser activities, how do you expect to get spiritual promptings during those meetings? He really called us out because all the way from when people arrived to a minute after the meeting was supposed to start to people were running around and talking. He made the stake president go up and say “When you are ready we will start”. So we waited until people stopped talking. I felt embarrassed because it was super distracting and not reverent at all. I loved it, though. I feel like people just need to be plain honest, I don’t like it when people are not straight to the point. I will deal with it everyday. It was a very powerful realization of what a difference it makes when you sit quietly and reverently versus being distracted. He said that he had no clue what he was going to talk to us about and brought no notes with him. That is when he said that he will start with tithing and revelation. He was AWESOME!
One time during personal study for some reason I had all of these questions pop into my head about being obedient. First off, I am 110% obedient. I was thinking about 100% obedience after the mission. What makes missionaries so obedient? Yes, we have a stricter lifestyle but how can we continue that obedience after the mission? I have learned so much about being 100% obedient as a missionary but what about a 100% percent member? What would stop me from being a 100% obedient member?
I thought about this and pondered but couldn’t really come to any conclusion because I had other questions. Why would I learn so much strict obedience to just throw it out the window? Why is it important that we be strictly obedient to the Lord’s laws? I decided I was going to think about these later and I opened my Liahona (The November General Conference Addition) to read one of the talks. I didn’t know what I wanted to read and I fell upon Elder Jog Klebinglot’s talk. I hadn’t finished writing notes about it so I decided to finish reading it. Well, guess what was the next thing I needed to read in his talk? Point #3 about being consecrated and obedience. Yep, I read that part. Wow, so amazing. I loved it! I recommend you all read it. I love that he says that selective obedience to God’s law brings selective blessing. If we choosing something that is not as bad but not worse, it is still choosing wrong. Heavenly Father wants to give us ALL the blessings in the whole world but he can’t unless we are obedient. Please read it. here is the section: 3. Embrace voluntary, wholehearted obedience as part of your life. Acknowledge that you cannot love God without also loving His commandments. The Savior’s standard is clear and simple: “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Selective obedience brings selective blessings, and choosing something bad over something worse is still choosing wrong. You can’t watch a bad movie and expect to feel virtuous because you did not watch a very bad one. Faithful observance of some commandments doesn’t justify neglecting others. Abraham Lincoln rightly said, “When I do good I feel good, when I do bad I feel bad” (in William H. Herndon and Jesse William Weik, Herndon’s Lincoln: The True Story of a Great Life, 3 vols. [1889], 3:439).

Also, do the right things for the right reasons. The Lord, who “requireth the heart and a willing mind” (D&C 64:34) and who “is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (D&C 33:1), knows why you go to church—whether you are present in body only or truly worshipping. You can’t sing on Sunday, “O Babylon, O Babylon, [I] bid thee farewell” and then seek or tolerate its company again moments later (“Ye Elders of Israel,”Hymns, no. 319). Remember that casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness. Make the Church and the restored gospel your whole life, not just a part of your outward or social life. Choosing this day whom you will serve is lip service only—until you actually live accordingly (see Joshua 24:15). Spiritual confidence increases when you are truly striving, for the right reasons, to live a consecrated life in spite of your imperfections!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I am learning more and more everyday and I LOVE IT!
Love, Sister Orme
P.s. I will tell you next week what happens with transfers!