Week 49- Baptism and Easter

Hello Dear wonderful Family and friends!
Our investigator got baptized this week! It was one of the most amazing and spirit filled baptisms I have ever experienced in my life! Our investigator has truly converted and just loves the Gospel, and has a firm testimony of God and Jesus Christ being present in her life. She is amazing and truly wonderful! I am so proud and happy for her. She has such a strong testimony and loves the gospel. I am so happy for her!
Our branch
Our wonderful and amazing friend (investigator) who got baptized. ^^
Sorry this week is going to be short but I will extend the letter next week. We really had no time at all to email. But I do just want to say that I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for us to be able to become clean again, feel renewal, start over and become better than we once were. I love this gospel and know it is true with all of my heart!!!!
Miracles do happen. Our investigator laughed at people that believed in God. She said that God was for the weak and since she was a strong person and didn’t need God. But look at her now. The gospel changes people’s lives. She has realized that not only the weak need God but so do the strong people. EVERYONE needs God and EVERYONE needs Christ. As we let them into our lives we can feel their love more and feel more direction, peace, and happiness in our lives.
You are all the best! Remember Jesus Christ and what he did for you during this season.
Love, Sister Orme

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