Week 52- The Holy Ghost

Hello Amazing and Wonderful Family and Friends-
The weather is soooo beautiful this week. The sun is shining, it is warm and wonderful. The breeze is light and cool. I LOVE IT! I love being a missionary and I love this gospel so much. I know it is true and brings all people happiness.
I love serving the people of Korea and serving on Jeju. I love my companion. She is great and we work hard together. I know this last transfer will be wonderful!
My recent convert from Shinjeong!
We went to the trick art museum!
Today this week in our meetings we talked about Relying on the Spirit and how we can receive conversion through the holy ghost. I love this topic because this is how we can truly feel God’s love for us, understand more of the how the gospel and book of d you can receive revelation. The feelings of the Holy Ghost are indescribable and always different, but it is always a good and happy feeling when truth is manifested. I love how the Holy Ghost can guide us in our daily lives and help us become better.
We tried taking a picture on the bus but it didn’t work and the elders weren’t paying attention.
Almost got sucked down the “cave of despair” (name that movie!)
I have felt the holy ghost so much. I feel it everyday. It leads us in our studies and in our work. It helps us know what we need to do to help people. The Holy Ghost can be our best friend and comforter if we let it. I have never felt God’s love more and the truth of the gospel more in my life. I feel the peace and comfort it gives me. It has also given me warnings to. It is a blessing and a gift that Heavenly Father loves us because we are his children and he wants us to be given a way to guide and direct us.
I made friends with a Zebra!
The lady bugs started taking me to their lair
Sorry I have to cut it short because I don’t have a lot of time. But I do know this gospel is true and that it will change your life forever. It has changed mine and it continues to change mine. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this amazing message to the people around me. I see miracles every day and I am grateful for the Lord and how he continues to shower me with blessings everyday. I am very blessed.
I hope you call can learn to recognize the spirit better, remain worthy, and recognize how you can apply the gospel more into your life.
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Orme
For some reason while I was writing my letter to President Barrow  I kept feeling I needed to include it in my letter this week. As a missionary, I have learned to follow that feeling. Here it is:
Hello President Barrow!

I am still trying to figure out why I am serving with Sister Choi but I think I will figure it out this week. We have so much fun together and we work hard!

It is interesting how old the Jeju side of Jeju is and Seokwipo has a lot of young missionaries. We will figure out why about that as well. I think Elder Carter and I have been given a really great blessing and privilege to work with people that have served for a long time. I love new missionaries but old missionaries are awesome as well. We are planning on working even harder together than we did last week. I am excited to see us step up more now that we have figured kind of how to work better with each other. I know the Lord put us together for a reason and I am really happy.

I am doing well and doing fine in all aspects. I love Sister Choi!! She is amazing. It is a wonderful opportunity to serve with my same group.

I am a little sad though because my last day keeps looming closer and closer and i don’t like it one bit but I know it is okay. I know that as long as I keep working hard/harder then the Lord will bless me.

I am so grateful for you and sister barrow, and ben! You are wonderful and help us out so much. thank you for the newsletter. I read it once and it was during sacrament meeting! i loved it! I will actually be reading it again and making notes. The sacrament is a special and sacred covenant. I am grateful for the lord and how we can be able to become better through him. Heavenly Father is the greatest and knows exactly what we need and how we can receive help to be able to learn and grow. He is teaching me so much and I am learning so much. This time is precious and I am so grateful for how I have spent it. I could not have asked for a better opportunity than to serve the Lord whole Heartedly.

Thank you again for all you do for us missionaries! You do not know how profound your impact is and has been on all of us. I am truly grateful for the Lord and all that he has given me. I know he loves me and I know that the reason I serve is because I know that and love him. I love Korea and cannot believe how amazing Heavenly Father has been to me to give me this opportunity to serve these people and to serve with the other missionaries as well. The blessings are above and beyond counting. I can never return as much as He gives but I know that as I give my all, that is enough. I am so happy and have never been more happy. I wish I could do missionary work, like this, forever. I will forever and always be indebted to Him.

Thank you so much! Love you and have a wonderful week!

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