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Week 50- General Conference

Hello Dearest Family and Friends!
Oh what an amazing weekend! First off, this week is transfer call week. Can you believe that 6 weeks has already gone by?? It flies too fast. Next week is transfer meeting, which also means the beginning of my last transfer in this beautiful country of Korea. I love being a missionary and I will always treasure this time. I have learned so much and have been so humbled by the Lord and all of the blessings He has given me. Since my last transfer is soon approaching, I have been thinking a lot lately about what kind of person I want to be when I come home and what kind of missionary I want people to know me as. I am grateful to say that I am happy for the work I have done and for the work I am doing. I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.
Last P-day we went to Aqua Planet Jeju. It was sooooo much fun! It has the biggest tank in the world! I kept thinking of Creed and I when we went to D.C. and we went to the D.C. Zoo about 5 times within a week. Too fun. I know Creed (Elder Orme) would have loved it.
Our baptism was an amazing experience and miracle. The Lord has really blessed our wonderful and dear friend. She has the Holy Ghost now and I know she will be able to be truly converted and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was the most spirit filled baptism I have ever been too. There was a physical presence of the Lord there and it was powerful and palpable.
I love this gospel with all of my heart. I love General Conference. I had a few questions and all of them were answered. I know what the answers are now and what I will do with the inspiration and guidance that the Lord has given me. I am excited to implement what we learned in General Conference now and in the future. I feel like I have grown so much and I have seen that progress. I am so grateful for this experience and I have truly become so blessed by the Lord.
I would like to also make a tribute to my parents. They have taught me so many things to prepare for this mission and have helped and prepared me to become the person I am. They are still teaching me and will continue teaching me forever. I am so grateful for you two. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the best parents in the whole wide world! It is not easy being a parent but they succeeded and still succeed everyday with their constant example and fervent faith. I am grateful for the gospel that allows our families to live and be with each other forever. I am grateful for Christ who has allowed us to be able to see our loved ones again. I am grateful for him and all that he has done for us. I am grateful for the sacrifices of my dad and mom for helping us live a happy life and a life of learning, growth, and a home that was filled with the Gospel. I kept thinking of my family during General Conference and how they have blessed me. Our home was a piece of Celestial Heaven. I am grateful for my parents for being righteous to be able to keep us all in line and helped us keep a good head on our shoulders.
I am so grateful for the Lord. He has done all things for us because He loves us! Sustain the Prophet. The Lord knows what he is doing and will always help and guide us individually and through his prophets. Go out and serve someone, make someone’s day, bear your testimony, share your light. Do all that you can to help others come unto Christ and be awakened in God. God loves all of His Sheep!
I love you all tons!!!!
Love, Sister Orme

Week 34- General Conference

Hello Dearest Friends and Family!
What a great week filled with inspiring and uplifting talks. I want to write all of my thoughts and feelings for every talk but alas there is not a lot of time. I wanted to go over the themes that I thought were throughout the general conference. There is a lot.
-Be firm and Steadfast in Christ. As we become more firm in him we are able to use his atonement. Through his atonement everything is made right. We are healed and taken care of by the atonement. Oh how ever grateful am I for the sacrifice that Christ did for us. There is no way that we would be able to move along in life without the Atonement. I know that it heals, comforts, strengthens, and builds us up to become who Heavenly Father knows we can be.
-Have your eyes toward the Temple. The temple is an expression of God’s love for us. We are able to feel his hand in our lives more as we attend the temple. Temples are a blessing for us and is a place of refuge from the world. We feel peace and the Holy Ghost more powerful there than in any other place.
On thursday our ward had a picnic! We hiked up a mountain and ate food at the top. It was a blast! One of our investigators was able to come!
It was beautiful! Family, we are going when we come to Miryang!
At the top there is this old fashioned fire signal structure for war. It reminds me of Lord of the Rings. It was so amazing!
-Be ready to stand and have courage to be firm. As the world is ever so changing it is important that we stand strong and firm in our beliefs. I know that this gospel has always and ever will be a blessing in my life and in the life of those around me. I see the blessings of it everyday. I see it as it touches people’s hearts as they become willing to follow the Lord because they know it is right. I like the quote by C.S. Lewis: “Courage is every form of virtue and the test of all things”. What a great quote. I love it and hope that every time there is a need for courage that we are able to use it and stand firm. The lord is always there for you.
-Know that God loves you and he wants to give you blessings. He will answer your prayers. I believe this to be very true. I saw it in my life this week. I had questions that desperately needed to be answered. Through my prayers, and through our leaders my questions were answered. I cannot describe the joy that I felt as I recieved those answers. I know that because God loves me, and loves each and every one of us, he wanted me to feel comfort and receive answers to my questions. I am forever grateful to the Lord. I know he is ever mindful of us. It is us that have to recognize his hand in our lives. Life is not easy but as we see the positive things that have happened in our life, those bad parts go away and seem less important. I know that this time is for us to grow and learn. We are being refined and becoming our full potential. I know everything happens for a reason. I know that as we strive to learn and grow from what life throws at us we will be able to come out stronger and more powerful then ever before.
-Prepare our testimony to become a strong testimony. We need to daily make our testimony stronger. We cannot uplift others if we are not uplifted ourselves. As we strengthen our testimony we are able to understand the reasons for all things and why this life is so important. We are here to prepare to meet God and also prepares ourselves to live with him again.
-Share our light with others. We share our light with others so they can be blessed as well. I hope and pray that every person I meet in this life sees that light within me. I strive to make them feel important and loved. As we add more light to our light, we are able to strengthen and share our light with others.
-Do family history work because we are eternal. Family History work is so important. I find it’s significance in the fact that we all can become an eternal family. I am grateful that the Lord has provided a way for us to be together as a family forever and to be able to see those loved ones, who have passed away, again. I know that we will see those who have passed away and we will be able to be with them again. I think of my grandparents on both my parent’s sides. I cannot wait to be able to see them again and rush into their arms again. I am grateful that there is no end to this life but it continues and it continues with our loved ones.
-Listen to the Lord’s Servants. As life gets harder and more difficult it is becoming more and more important to listen to the Lord’s servants. The Lord’s Servants have the voice of the Lord. “Whether it is by my own voice, or by the voice of my servants, it is the same” (Bible- Amos 3:7). The Lord speaks through his servants. They speak the word’s of the Lord. The Lord is giving us guidance and counsel. We will be protected and taken care of, if we heed their voices.
-Obedience. Why do we need to obey God’s Commandments? I think the Lord knows better than we do. I believe that to be true. As we remain obedient, we are able to recieve all the blessings that the Lord wants to give us. I know that as we strive to be as obedient as we can, we will be more blessed than we could ever imagine.
-Prayer and Scripture Study. Daily Prayer and Scripture study will be a shield of protection. I know that through prayer and scripture study we can receive answers to all of our questions. Our questions of the truth of this church can be answered by prayer and scripture study. We cannot know if this church is true, without these things.
-Distractions and Choices. The world is becoming ever more distracting as there is more technology and things to be busy and distracted with. What is the most important? Are we making choices that help us for good or for bad? There are always good choices but what is the best choice? I am always reminded daily of what is the best choice as we plan our day. I know that as we choose good choices our life will be blessed and we will be happy.
I have had so many questions answered and confirmed to me this week because of General Conference. I am grateful for the inspiration of church leaders because I know that the Lord loves us so much that he wants us to feel comfort and wants us to receive answers to our questions. In the Women’s Conference I loved watching the cute little koreans and I couldn’t feel more amazed and happy that I have been called to teach the Korean people. They are so special to me. I know this is where I am supposed to be.
Here is a link to Conference if you want to listen and/or read. I know that everyone who listens will be blessed. You can listen and/or read it in any language!
I was reading an article in a church magazine called The Liahona. There was a story in there that I really liked. The main person in this story is a man. His wife was a member of this church and he supported her and sometime would come. He loved bringing the missionaries over to bash them with questions and tell them how wrong they were. He thought he was close to getting to be with his family all sunday rather then it being filled with religion. One night as the missionaries were talking to him, he was bashing them so much that the missionaries said they couldn’t teach him because he wasn’t willing to listen. That same night he looked at the Book of Mormon on the table and said to himself “This book is either going to change my life or I will have just wasted a few minutes trying to find out”. As he was reading he felt the power of this book and believed it to be true. It had changed his life and the life of his family. He eventually joined the church and his been a blessing ever since then.
I know this church is true! I am so grateful for missionary work. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I am grateful for the power, strength, and comfort that come out from reading the Book of Mormon.
Love, Sister Orme
One more thing. This talk is great for people who are wondering why we do missionary work!
Love you all!

Week 33- Care for the Flock

Hello Hello Dearest Family and Friends!
I am so grateful for all the love and support you all show me. I love it and I love you all!
This week, of course, another fantastic week in the service of the Lord. We were super busy which is always a good thing. My korean is seriously improving so much. My companion and I are somehow able to communicate with each other and I think it is all because of the Lord. Sometimes it is hard because sometimes I won’t have a clue what she is saying but then she is happy and fine with breaking it down more simply or using a dictionary on our phone or testing it out in english. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t but it always ends up with laughter or talking about something else. ^^ I am grateful that we are able to communicate with each other and  that we both have one purpose and that is serving the Lord.
We have General Conference this weekend. I am excited to hear the inspirational words of our leaders.
I was thinking a lot this week about agency. But I was also thinking about how people use it for good and for bad. I was reading an article “Keeping the Faith in a world of Confusion” by Bishop Gerald Causse. It talks about how we need to continully seek the word, accept unanswered questions, seek the testimony of the spirit, follow and seek the words of apostles and prophets, and then lastly nourish your faith. We have several investigators who ask the really tough questions that are usually answered if they have enough faith to trust God that everything is alright and trust they are under his watchful care. Then they can believe and they will realize that those questions don’t matter. I love their questions because I am up for the challenge. Sometimes people don’t realize that it is them that have to find out their own questions by their own personal work. My companion and I can receive a lot of revelation for them but it is their choice to act upon what we say. We all do. We have to study, work and then get the answer after all we can do. He said “In our search for truth, we can be tempted to want to understand everything right away. However, the intelligence of God is so infinite that ‘it is impossible that man should find out all his ways’. We must accept living for a time without answers to all our questions”. I know that maybe right now all of our questions won’t be answered but as long as we nourish our faith and continually seek for truth and the guidance of the spirit, we will see what truly matters, the knowledge that the Lord has a plan for each one of us and that He wants the best for us. He knows what we need.
Look at what we ate this week! Spam! And it actually was amazing! This is my second time eating it. The first time was at Grandpa’s house but that was gross. This was suppperrr Good!
We did a service project picking dates on saturday. It was super fun! I am representing the Orme fam! And yes, it is a selfy. I admit to it. 😉
Another thing I found this week in a old ensign was a quote by President Thomas S. Monson: “Ours is the responsibility to care for the flock, for the precious sheep, these tender lambs, are everywhere to be found– at home in our families, in the homes of our extended families, and waiting for us in our Church callings. Jesus is our Exemplar. Said he, “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep’ (John 10:14). We have a shepherding responsibility. May we each step up to serve.” I really like this quote because it again reminded me why missionary work and member missionary work is so important. We are helping gather the Lord’s flock, his sheep. Since I have been a missionary I sense the urgency of why it is so important to help out people to come back or join the fold. It seems like my only goal and drive is to help people realize that this gospel will bless their life more than they can imagine. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be apart of the Lord’s work. I know that he wants everyone back. We are here to help him and assist him in this great work. I am so happy to be here in Korea. I know this is where I am supposed to be. I am grateful for my past companions, and my current companion. I have learned and I am learning so much.
Keep working hard everyone! Remember the Lord is always on our side, and does He ever so desire that we wish to be on his side! I am happy to tell you that being on his side has never brought so much strength, happiness, joy, growth, and everything good and wonderful. He truly loves each and everyone of us. He wants all of us to come back to him.
I love you all! I love MISSIONARY WORK! and I Love the Lord!
Love, Sister Orme

Week 8- “They did not doubt for their Mothers knew it”

Hello Dear Friends and Family!!!

So, this week has been a mixture of ups and downs but it has been fantastic regardless of the downs. The down was we dropped an investigator this week. Hwangtesook (황태숙) and her son Jordan. They were not progressing and only using us as English teachers. I have not been this sad in a long time. Sister Benbrook and I were sooo heart broken but we knew that everything was going to be alright. We felt so uplifted and inspired of the Lord to do so. We knew it was right in our hearts even though our heads were telling us no. We were doing a family english program with them that is only supposed to happen for 6 weeks and if they are progressing you start only teaching them the gospel if they want to. They are not normal investigators because even if they don’t keep commitments within the 6 weeks we can’t drop them. But they had been doing this program since December and it was only supposed to be 6 weeks. They love learning about Jesus and they know how good they feel when we are around. We are still in the in between though. We might still be teaching them. We can’t teach them English anymore but we can teach them the Gospel. So we will see. She wants us to keep teaching them the gospel but in English. Sister Benbrook thinks we will do it. I will keep you updated. But all is well!!!! We are so happy.

We legitimately have no more investigators. They either got baptized or disapeared. So, we are working a lot of less active work and a lot new finding skills to find more investigators. It is awesome!!! The other day we got 69 contacts!!!!! It was fantastic! There is someone there that wants to listen to us. We are so happy and excited!

I wanted to let you know how amazing my Mission President is. President and Sister Gilbert are the most amazing people in the whole world! They uplift us and guide us! They will be leaving in about 2 transfers which is sad but ok. They are just fantastic!!!

So, this week we finally got our washer fixed. It was broken for about 4 weeks or more. We had to wash our clothes in the sink! Hahah. The adventures of missionary life. We were finally able to wash our beds!!!! So gross but our sink is not big enough to fit our blankets. We are soooooooo happy! It wasn’t bad having to wash our clothes in the sink it just took forever and took up a lot of precious time. But all is good! Haha. ^^

So, fun CULTURE TIME! The Koreans have very thin chopsticks and pride themselves in it. I had no problem being able to use them. Which is super nice!

If you have cold hands you won’t bear children well, apparently. Hahah. Sister Benbrook’s hands are always cold and that is what the Koreans tell her.

Also, like Russians, sitting down on the ground won’t help with being able to bear children as well! Hahah

You have to match the chopsticks and spoon otherwise your future spouse will be ugly!

Magpies= good luck if you see one.

You can’t walk on the door threshold because there is a ghost/spirit that lives there and he will get angry at you.

General Conference!! Was so amazing!!!!!! It was so inspiring and sooo amazing. I forgot my notes but the insights I gained were so for me. I recieved a lot of inspiration on what to do for less actives, members, and also finding new investigators. Also, what I need to implement in my future family. I love General Conference. Seriously, Heavenly Father knows what we need. By the way, we had our less active that we teach every week finally come to something churchy!!!! She came to GC on Saturday for the 1 and 1/2 sessions. Sooooo awesome! She hasn’t come to church but we will invite her for next sunday.

The reason for my title is from the story of the Stripling Warriors. They are soooo amazing!!!!! I suggest you read about it! Alma 56 and 57….SO GOOD!!!!! I have been recieving sooo much inspiration from the Book of Mormon. It is so true and I love it!!!

I love this gospel and love being a part of it! I am so amazed every day how much it blesses my life and the lives of others. Heavenly Father is creating soooo many miracles for us. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it! I don’t know where my life would be with out it. The Book of Mormon is the most true book in the whole world. People do truly come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by reading it. Reading it strengthens you and empowers you to fight the vileness of Satan. He has NO POWER over you as you come closer to Christ. Read it, ponder it, and pray about it. You will receive answers, comfort, love, power, and the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father has provided a guide book for our own adventure of life. As we use it as a guide and a map back to our Heavenly Father, you will be blessed. I know that to be true. I seal this short version of my strong and continuously growing testimony, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Love, Sister Orme

Week 6!! Still a week of Miracles

Hello Family and Friends!!!!

Time is zipping by!

So we have one more week and Ohjeeyoon will be baptized!! Sorry I would put the korean name but I am using a different computer. It is harder to type. We had a lesson on sunday about baptism, the holy ghost, the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. It went SUPER well. Her dad went to the hospital suddenly last week and is super sick, instead of turning away from the Lord she turned to the Lord. She prayed super hard the whole time. She is so ready and prepared to be baptized. We are super excited for her and can’t wait! She is absolutely amazing. And she got engaged!!! She is super excited about that as well. Her boyfriend was super kind and helpful to her and her father especially when he was really sick. He is catholic but I think eventually his heart will soften to the gospel. ^^

This last sunday we met a brother by the name of Brother Roman. He served a mission in 1978-1980. Eventually in his mission the peak they reached per month for baptisms was 350 or so. Give or take a few. What? Isn’t that insane? it was a huge spike. He said that if they felt the spirit then they were baptized. They were not under any rules or regulations for baptism so you could just get baptised if you felt good about their message. He was really inspiring and gave us a lot of advice. A lot of it we are starting to implement. We are using the Book of Mormon more which is drawing more people.

Today we went to kyongju. It is soooo coool! It is a famous city that we will for sure go to when we come back! There are Buddhist temples there and it is absolutely beautiful there. I will send pictures next week. Sorry I can’t this week. This computer is super old and we usually go to a Samsung store to send emails. It is soo amazing and beautiful. I can’t wait to send you pictures.

We have recieved a lot of contacts this week, which is super awesome!!! We are so happy and hopefully we will get more. We are working hard and hastening the work as much as possible. The Lord has watched over and has blessed us a ton this week!!! He has been everywhere with us and we can feel his angels surrounding us. I love being a missionary! It is seriously the best thing in the whole wide world!

Wow, can you believe it is my birthday soon?? In 2 days…April 2nd here I come! Wow, I can’t believe I will be the BIG 22. AAAHHH! So crazy. I don’t feel it though because everyone around me is younger. I feel like I am one of them. hahaha.

Here is the address. Sorry I haven’t sent it! This is our mission office address. I am not allowed to send my real address over email becuase of protection things. But this is where all mail goes.

Dongrae Post Office P.O. Box 73. Busan 607-600

I will be able to get mail from my district leader or when we have meetings. So, you all can send me anything and everything you want ahhah.

I am sooo excited for General Conferance in two weeks. Remember to have questions or concerns, etc and bring it to Conference. They will be answers.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! It is so great being a missionary. I love it and cannot wait for what is next. Everday is an amazing and awesome day in the service of the Lord. He is always there for us and is ever so mindful of us. This gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is true. I know it with all my heart.

Love, Sister Orme