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Week 27- Investigators From Prison

Hello Dearest Friends and Family!
This week has been great! No food adventures but lots of rain! It has been raining non-stop for about 3 or so weeks! Maybe 4 or 5 out of those days it didn’t rain. Also not just a light rain, but pouring.
CONGRATULATIONS TO MELINDA AND BLAKE!!!! I am so excited to not only come back to two of my friends but they are also now my cousins! I love you Sutten and Melinda!!!!!! You married into the best family! Well, at least I think they are the best family. ^^ Btw, I just remembered a very brief and random thought that I had. I thought it was cool. So my first or second time meeting Melinda I thought she would be an awesome addition to our family. I couldn’t figure out how she could be in our immediate family but then I decided to settle on that she would be an awesome cousin. Well, look at what happened. I forgot I had ever thought that! Then when Sutten and Jake started becoming friends it just seemed like she was already apart of the family. I am excited for our two new cousins! Congratulations again to Maria!!! I will meet your new husband someday! LOVE YOU ALL! I am excited for who else is going to get married! ^^
So, this week we bought a ridiculous hat. We decided to put on our grandpa pants, thrift shop shirts and the hat on. yes, we look ridiculous!
I wanted to highlight Carson’s email to me and the rest of the family. I want other missionaries to read this. Here is Carson’s Email: “So glad you are looking through old records Reagan! Way to go! Miracles are to be had from looking at those old investigator records found in area books…it is an awesome story.
“At the transfer meeting before I went to my last area, Ploiesti, our Mission President gave us a challenge to search the old investigator records in our apartment’s area books.  He promised that if we would do so we would find golden investigators and baptize.  So we followed his guidance and the first day we got to our area we searched our area book.  When I did I came upon a detailed note from a missionary who had since returned home.  He spoke about a father and son who he had met through English classes and they took missionary lessons, but the time wasn’t right. He pled with future missionaries so visit this family since they were golden.  Well, I decided we had found our man.  So our first Sunday in the area we dropped by the home of Valentin Ene and he and his family were home!  They invited us in, he was surprised to see us, but happy.  He told us how he didn’t believe in God, but was willing to learn, and felt that he should.  The last six months I was in Romania I taught Valentin. He grew step by step.  I dreamed, prayed, hoped that he would be baptized.  I knew he was one of the elect, a true kingdom builder.  About two weeks before my mission ended, we all took a bus to another chapel for a District (we didn’t have stakes) conference.  Valentin came along and on the way back home in the bus we sat next to one another and chatted the whole time. I was overjoyed and couldn’t believe my ears when he told me he had decided to get baptized.  It was a true miracle.  My last Sunday in Romania I was able to baptize him.  Since then he has been a branch president and district counselor. He has been to the temple a few times.  He also has a great job working for the church as the facilities manager for all of Romania and Moldova.  Mom and Dad have met him and his wife and two kids.  Anne has met Valentin and his family as well.  We have such a special relationship.  His wife is a devout Orthodox and hasn’t shown interest in the church, and wants her two boys to stay Orthodox.  But she is supportive of her husband and their youngest son Radu goes to church with his Dad.  The oldest boy is now in college in Denmark.
Pictures of Miryang from a tall apt building. basically the biggest one in Miryang
DSCF6233 DSCF6234
“So that is a special story to me.  So when I read that Sister Orme was looking through old investigator records I got excited and had to give my witness that those efforts pay off!”
Well, this week we met an old investigator from 10 years ago. She has 3 children and wants to meet with us again! We have an appointment for friday. Currently we are teaching 3 old investigators from old records. When we visited this lady it was amazing. We knocked on the door and it was super loud in her house. She tutors kids in math and english. She said she was busy and to come back later and then 2 seconds later she said to come in. We sat and talked with 2/3 kids for about 30 mintues. She was really happy to see us and is excited to meet again. I am sooooo excited for all of these old investigators. I know that if we all do the same and call old investigators we will see miracles.
I think I briefly touched on this in an earlier email. But the Elders have some investigators in prison. One in particular who is absolutely amazing! He bears his testimony of the gospel often and they are powerful testimonies. The Elders were even given permission to baptize him right after he gets out of prison. He doesn’t even have to go to church first! He gets out this friday. I wanted to share with you my journal entry when I was reflecting on this miracle. “I feel like prisoners are some of the lowest of the low peoplle. They are stuck in prison, with not a lot of stuff to do, loads of time, and not a lot of possessions. They have a lot of time to ponder, think, and read. Why not ponder, think, and read the BofM? Yes, there is also a lot of evil in that prison. Many did really bad things but despite the evil they performed they are still children of God. When their hearts start changing , and changing for good, don’t they deserve mercy too? Yes, we are human and we make mistakes, some worse than others, but we all deserve to be given the chance to change. The Elders having a prisoner in prison has changed my perspective a little about prisoners. Despite so much evil, there can be good. It reminds me of the scriptures. So much evil, so much killing, whoredoms, etc. The Lord still forgave them when they remembered Him and repented. The Lord has perfect understanding of one’s heart. When we have a meek and lowly heart and want to change, we will receive what we deserve. Which is love, kindness, understanding, and forgiveness. We are not perfect but the Lord is. How great is the Lord’s plan?! He knows what we need to learn and how we can grow. I hope that everyone feels like they deserve His love. Because we ALL do. Love him and love others. You can’t receive unless you give first. I hope we all can show our love for others like the Lord does.”
The Lord’s work is hastening!
Also, remember that less active family I mentioned earlier? If not, it is okay. President and Sister Gilbert, this is your favorite family in Miryang. But I wanted to share some amazing news. The daughter, whom we have been meeting, is finally coming to church!!!!! Her mom is also becoming more active. She wants to go to BYU so she is trying hard to make sure she can get in by doing everything. She is getting more involved. Her initial reason for coming may not be amazing but she is starting to realize more and more that it is important to stay active. They want to get patriarchal blessings too! We talked to the mom and daughter and they wanted them the next day! We are helping them and they have met with the Branch president. Hopefully, the father will be getting one too. The son is in Utah right now, staying with an LDS family. Which is amazing! I am very happy for their progress. It is slow but they are getting there. We just need to get the dad to come back to church as well. The elders still see him every week.
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It is the greatest! LOVE YOU ALL TONS!!!!!!!!
Love Sister Orme

Week 19- “If ye love me, Keep my Commandments”

Hello Family and Friends!


There is so much that I want to say. It is crazy amazing to be here in 밀양 (Miryang). It is seriously sooooooooo small and so country. We only have about 25 active members in our branch. It is sooooooo small. I really didn’t understand how small it was until I went to church on sunday. Not all 25 come at once though, so it is even smaller. I absolutely love it though.

The Elders and us in Shinjeong


In front of our Church building in Shinkeong
황태숙 (Hwangtehsook) and Jordan! I love them!
The first Monday I got here, it rained so hard after we were emailing and some really nice people from the city hall let us borrow an umbrella. After emailing we went and met the Branch President and family and taught a lesson, we came home and there was no electricity! It was soo fun! It was sooo stormy out side and no power. what an adventure! Thank goodness dad taught me to always have a flashlight with me! So we planned in the dark with my flashlight and got ready for bed. we left the switches on so at around 11 or so the lights turned on. so scary. it woke us both up and surprised us so bad! we couldn’t stop laughing.
Our investigators in Shinjeong.
There are only about 2 buses here and so a 30 minute walk anywhere is really short for us. Sometimes we have to walk 30-50 minutes to get to an appointment.


This week was super fun! Seriously, I love being companions with Sister Johnson. She is hilarious!


This last Friday we went out with a member and we ate something interesting. Can anyone take a guess? I think I have finally experienced more of Korea’s culture……. We ate Dog Soup and Dog meat. It wasn’t bad. The dog meat is super fatty! So gross. So, I took off the fat and only ate the meat. The smell was really gross though and it sometimes tasted like this: imagine the smell of wet dog….Yep….that is how it smelled and how that fat tasted like. Super gross. What I did with the meat is I would put this really delicious bean past on it, put a piece of ginger and swish the meat around in this sauce. It actually would taste pretty good! But the soup was interesting. A lot of green things that tasted funny. Wasn’t sure what kind of veggie it was. Definitely seaweed and some other things. When I first started eating I didn’t realize how gross the fat was and one of the Korean elders asked in English if we had prayed for Spot. I totally gagged because I was trying to chew that fat but it wasn’t working and i started thinking about it too much. We were laughing so hard though. It was a fun experience! But I don’t want to eat it again. 🙂

Saying goodbye to Sister and President Gilbert.

Eating Dog! Waaahh!
My last weekend in Shinjeong we went to a wedding! So fun!
 DSC08490    DSC08479
After we ate with him we helped him out on his farm. He has about 6-8 horses, a small ankle biter dog, and a bear dog. He is HUGE!!! Seriously he is a bear. His name is the greatest though, it is Kahn. Totally fits him. We got to help him out and it was really fun. We had a blast! While the Elders and the member went and dropped off the horse extras we had to wash Kahn. Wow, it was so fun! First time ever eating a dog and also first time ever washing a dog. Our whole day was filled with dog. Now, when I see dogs all I can think is “We just ate your cousin.” I still can’t believe it happened but it was sooooo fun!


On Sunday we went and taught a less active but she is basically an investigator. She doesn’t know anything! She said that I looked like a doll and apparently Sister Johnson looks like Jesus on the front cover of the plan of salvation pamphlet. We about died.


This week, I was reading this talk in General Conference about  “If ye love me, keep my commandments”. I don’t have the article with me right now so I can’t remember the speaker…sorry… but I loved it! I think it is so simple. If you love Christ and Heavenly Father you will do what they say, if not you won’t. There is no middle ground, there is only one side or the other. I love how black and white it is. But it is soooo true! No one who truly loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would completely deny them. Of course, we are human and we make mistakes but it is our mistakes that make us better and we get to experience the love of our Father in Heaven and Savior. “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” If we keep this simple saying in our heart, we will be able to get Christ into our hearts and expand it toward others.


I love being a missionary! I love Miryang! I can’t wait to show you around and to show you how pretty it is! I love the Lord and I know this is his work.


I LOVE YOU ALL! 살앙해요!!!!!


Love, Sister Orme 옴 자매

Week 11: Jesus Christ has done everything for us!

Hello Dearest Family and Friends!

We have had quite a week. We had a big miracle by being able to meet our new converts family! We were heart attacking her house and her parents come out of the elevator. They stared at us and asked us who we were. And we said that we are their daughter’s friend and they soften. They invite us in and serve us tea and fruit. THEY LOVE US! They want us to come over often! Which is sooo exciting! They called Ohjeeyoon and had her and her fiance came over. She was so happy that we came over. She and her little brothers are members but her parents aren’t…yet! They are seriously the most cutest and sweetest people ever!!! They are going to get baptized I know it!

Unfortunately, I only have 2 weeks left with Sister Benbrook. We are sooooooo depressed and sad about it!!! She is the best companion in the whole world and we have become the best of friends. We get along super well and we are so in tune with each other. We think about the same things in lessons, or when we are doing everything and anything! It is seriously amazing!!! We were meant to be together. Because training will be over one of us has to leave. We don’t want to leave Shinjeong (신정) at all. WE LOVE IT SO MUCH! The people we teach, our ward, the area, everything about it.

We got a new investigator this week!!!!! She is very interested. She has so many questions and we have already met with her 2 times! She doesn’t understand Christ and wants to see why we are different. There are sooooo many churches here. It is insane! She brought a friend with her and he is a teacher of her religion. She believes in Yin and Yang, elements, the earth, etc. Not really sure what it is. During our lesson with them we just listened to the spirit and we taught her two lessons and taught every principle in each basically. We answered her questions by scripture, pure testimony, and experience. She didn’t have anything to say to us. I think she is really seeing that we know what we are talking about. Her friend was totally not open or into it whatsoever. He talked about his religion with us and then he basically called us naive and that we didn’t know anything. We just listened to him and thanked him for what he said. We felt awesome! Humility is seriously the best. He didn’t know how to answer our thanks. We laughed about it and we felt so good that we just sat there and listened to him and thanked him for his comments. The Lord really taught us that day to listen to the spirit.

Sister Benbrook and I are working on being consecrated missionaries. We have an article that the mission President gave the whole mission before I got here and I got a copy from her. It talks about so many good things. It talks about putting things on the alter of sacrifice. A consecrated missionary holds nothing back. They submit their full will to God. They submit everything to Him. They put on the alter of sacrifice disobedience, fears, romantic passions, pride, negativism and sarcasm, and they are extra-milers! Consecrated missionaries serve the Savior because they love Him. One of the things that really stood out to me was pride. There was a story in there talking about a mission president observing a lesson with some of his Elders. They were teaching a 17 year old boy who wanted to be baptized. His mother was chewing them out. They humbly replied that they were just trying to do what was best for her son and if they weren’t they apologized for it. Their humble responses softened her heart and she started listening to what her son was learning from them. When I read this I was reminded of our experience with our new investigators friend. It is all about losing that pride and just humbly replying back with warmth and love. There is no point in arguing back because it will just incite them to say more. I feel like our humble thanking for what he said kind of made him realize that we were not preaching and trying to force our beliefs on people. We are just teaching what we know and what we believe. We are never going to convince the world of our true message with pride and shouting “REPENT!”. It is the quiet, simple, and humble testimony that we share that brings power. Heavenly Father taught us a lesson that day. Listening is key. We will have the spirit with us to guide us and to also help us know how to reply. How to remain calm. And also how to bear testimony with power. Heavenly Father is so amazing! He reminds us of what we do right and also helps recognize what we need to work on. I know I have a lot of work and sometimes it seems overwhelming but Heavenly Father is helping me also understand that I am learning and growing already.

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!! It is seriously the best thing in the whole world.

I GET TO SKYPE YOU IN A WEEKKK!!!! Ahh! I am so excited!

I love you ALL dearly and I am praying for you all often!!!!

Love, Sister Orme

Week 8- “They did not doubt for their Mothers knew it”

Hello Dear Friends and Family!!!

So, this week has been a mixture of ups and downs but it has been fantastic regardless of the downs. The down was we dropped an investigator this week. Hwangtesook (황태숙) and her son Jordan. They were not progressing and only using us as English teachers. I have not been this sad in a long time. Sister Benbrook and I were sooo heart broken but we knew that everything was going to be alright. We felt so uplifted and inspired of the Lord to do so. We knew it was right in our hearts even though our heads were telling us no. We were doing a family english program with them that is only supposed to happen for 6 weeks and if they are progressing you start only teaching them the gospel if they want to. They are not normal investigators because even if they don’t keep commitments within the 6 weeks we can’t drop them. But they had been doing this program since December and it was only supposed to be 6 weeks. They love learning about Jesus and they know how good they feel when we are around. We are still in the in between though. We might still be teaching them. We can’t teach them English anymore but we can teach them the Gospel. So we will see. She wants us to keep teaching them the gospel but in English. Sister Benbrook thinks we will do it. I will keep you updated. But all is well!!!! We are so happy.

We legitimately have no more investigators. They either got baptized or disapeared. So, we are working a lot of less active work and a lot new finding skills to find more investigators. It is awesome!!! The other day we got 69 contacts!!!!! It was fantastic! There is someone there that wants to listen to us. We are so happy and excited!

I wanted to let you know how amazing my Mission President is. President and Sister Gilbert are the most amazing people in the whole world! They uplift us and guide us! They will be leaving in about 2 transfers which is sad but ok. They are just fantastic!!!

So, this week we finally got our washer fixed. It was broken for about 4 weeks or more. We had to wash our clothes in the sink! Hahah. The adventures of missionary life. We were finally able to wash our beds!!!! So gross but our sink is not big enough to fit our blankets. We are soooooooo happy! It wasn’t bad having to wash our clothes in the sink it just took forever and took up a lot of precious time. But all is good! Haha. ^^

So, fun CULTURE TIME! The Koreans have very thin chopsticks and pride themselves in it. I had no problem being able to use them. Which is super nice!

If you have cold hands you won’t bear children well, apparently. Hahah. Sister Benbrook’s hands are always cold and that is what the Koreans tell her.

Also, like Russians, sitting down on the ground won’t help with being able to bear children as well! Hahah

You have to match the chopsticks and spoon otherwise your future spouse will be ugly!

Magpies= good luck if you see one.

You can’t walk on the door threshold because there is a ghost/spirit that lives there and he will get angry at you.

General Conference!! Was so amazing!!!!!! It was so inspiring and sooo amazing. I forgot my notes but the insights I gained were so for me. I recieved a lot of inspiration on what to do for less actives, members, and also finding new investigators. Also, what I need to implement in my future family. I love General Conference. Seriously, Heavenly Father knows what we need. By the way, we had our less active that we teach every week finally come to something churchy!!!! She came to GC on Saturday for the 1 and 1/2 sessions. Sooooo awesome! She hasn’t come to church but we will invite her for next sunday.

The reason for my title is from the story of the Stripling Warriors. They are soooo amazing!!!!! I suggest you read about it! Alma 56 and 57….SO GOOD!!!!! I have been recieving sooo much inspiration from the Book of Mormon. It is so true and I love it!!!

I love this gospel and love being a part of it! I am so amazed every day how much it blesses my life and the lives of others. Heavenly Father is creating soooo many miracles for us. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it! I don’t know where my life would be with out it. The Book of Mormon is the most true book in the whole world. People do truly come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by reading it. Reading it strengthens you and empowers you to fight the vileness of Satan. He has NO POWER over you as you come closer to Christ. Read it, ponder it, and pray about it. You will receive answers, comfort, love, power, and the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father has provided a guide book for our own adventure of life. As we use it as a guide and a map back to our Heavenly Father, you will be blessed. I know that to be true. I seal this short version of my strong and continuously growing testimony, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Love, Sister Orme

Hello From Korea

Hello Everyone!!

I just got to say I love Korea! It is seriously the greatest thing! I am so happy to be here. I am sorry but I don’t have much time to write. Today was super busy. I am actually allowed to email for 2 hours! But we couldn’t today.

So, our first week has been amazing! We are SOOOOO BUSY! We have so many investigators which is awesome. We are also planning on having 6 baptisms this transfer! I will let you know how it goes. Next week I promise I will write more about exactly what I did for these past few days.

I am in Ulsan right now (울산) and my trainer is Sister Benbrook. We are both working hard and loving it here. I am so happy to be a missionary. It is the greatest!

Ulsan, S Korea
I am sooo sorry but I really have to go. I took too much time reading all of the emails and I have to email my branch president.

I will just say this…. Sister Benbrook and I are making things happen and we are working hard. I love missionary work and could not imagine myself anywhere else. I am so happy. I love the people already. Everyone tells me I am so beautiful and that I speak amazing Korean (even when I say hello hahahah). I am so happy that we had so much practice with our Korean in the MTC. It has really helped with everything. A lot of people are speaking to us, and you were all right, because of my hair and because we are both Americans. It opens doors. Heavenly Father has also blessed us with being able to contact many people and to have sooooooo many investigators. We have no time for anything but them.

Today we had a ton of fun! We went with an investigator to a beautiful beach and ate delicious food. It is sooo healthy here. I love it! It makes me feel soooo good! We also had many adventures today. Next week I will be better and write everything that has happened. I have to go. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love, Orme 자매