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Week 14- Crazy Awesome Week

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week has been amazing!! We have 7 new investigators and 4 new Potential investigators that will become investigators. I am not mentioning this to brag but to show you all what miracles we have been having this week. It has been absolutely crazy and we are so busy! We had to break up weekly planning because we had no time and we ran around sweaty and hot trying to make it on time for everything. it was nuts! but i love this work!

Sister Yokum is unfortunately super sick though! She has been such a trooper. We went to the hospital today and she has severe tonsilytis! Her throat is super swollen and she couldn’t really breath or swallow. kind of really scary! So we woke up and left for the hospital. we got there at around 6:30 she had an IV and an injection. then we had to go to an ENT hospital. She got 2 shots there and a ton of medicine! Korean hospitals are super quick, clean and efficient. She will get better in no time. she even feels better now, which is good.

I love Sister Yokum a lot and we have fun while everything around us goes crazy! But it all works out.

Heavenly Father has been blessing us sooo much this week! We are so grateful for how he has helped us to find these people and to actually have time to meet them. Trust me, THE LORD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU STRIVE TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. I cannot talk about it enough about how much Heavenly Father loves us all. He wants us all to go back to him and live with him again. Never be discouraged when things don’t work out or someone rejects the gospel. It is your efforts that really are what the Lord is looking for. Ask him for guidance and help and he will do it in mysterious ways!
Love the Lord and trust in the Lord.

I love you all! You are all the best!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Orme

This is our less active Kimyooneh. This was our last lesson together with Sister Benbrook.

Sister Benbrook and I being goofy.

2 Elders and a Sister from my group that left the MTC together.

First time having Bapbeansoo! It is amazing!! It is a mixture of ice, milk, sweet beans, some ice cream, and whatever flavor you want so like fruit or oreos or cheesecake..anything and everything. so DELICIOUS!

Sister Yokum and I!

One month in the MTC!

Hello Family and Friends-

Well, I have been in the MTC for about a month now! ahhhh! It’s crazy. It doesn’t even seem real.

So, this last sunday I got called as the Sister Training leader. My district totally called it, and it happened. What is even funnier, is that Elder Watson is now one of the Zone leaders and Elder Butterfield is our District Leader. Haha. The same companionship all received leadership positions on the same day. That was fun. I know it is going to bless my life as I learn to become a better leader and following the example of the Lord.

We got our natives this week!!!! There are 13 total!!!! It is amazing! They are sooo cute, adorable, wonderful, and happy people. They are so great!

For Relief Society Sister Wixom from the general primary presidency shared a powerful message. When her and her husband were mission presidents an elder came and told her a story. He was confronted by a very ferocious dog one day and all he had between him and the dog was a paperback Book of Mormon. So, he decided to stick it out in front of him. The dog bit into it. When he opened his scriptures the teeth marks ended at the scripture: 2 Nephi 22:2. It talks about how Heavenly Father will always watch us and take care of us. It is really neat. Wow, what a story. Heavenly Father is wonderful! He will protect us. She also said that some of us may think we are not ready, or that we are not qualified, not good enough, not pretty enough, or talented enough. She said stop it. The Lord will not let us fail if we trust in him. This is soooo true! The Lord will help you no matter what!

Also Gerald Causse, 1st Counselor of the Presiding Bishopric, came on tuesday. He had some really good points as well.
-When the Lord gives you a calling, follow it.
-See people with the eyes of Christ.

These two things work really well together because as we follow the Lord we are able to see people with the eyes of Christ.

In my personal study I read Alma 38 and 39. There is a lot of powerful points in there as well. Look it up.

Well, this week has been eventful. I am keeping a positive attitude but I am super sick right now. The Elders in my district gave me a blessing. Watson anointed, and Kahng gave me the blessing. It was really powerful. They all have so much faith and I love them all soooooo much!!! Kahng is possibly leaving this Monday, which is super sad!!! I wish he could stay longer. Our district keeps getting smaller. Thank goodness everyone else is staying until the end.

Well, I love you all!

The gospel is true!!! I am so excited to share it with others. I am sad Creed is leaving this monday but I know he is supposed to be in Argentina at this time. He is going to bless so many lives!!!!!!!!
We get to see each other on sunday. I am excited about that. 🙂

Love, Orme Chamay